Mobile App Trends to watch out in 2023

Augmented Reality (AR) apps

AR refers to augmented reality and it is new-age tech that elements of bringing the digital world into the real world. It uses a set of hardware available to capture the user’s motion and location and impose it on the real world.


Augmented reality has a wide range of applications. From gaming to entertainment and many more things. It gives an overview of things that are going to be laid down in the future If you want to buy furniture or a house with the help of AR you can have a look and feel of furniture or you can take a tour of your soon-to-be house without even being present in that particular place. So it is tech that reduces the effort and improves the overall experience.

Mobile app trends

Virtual Reality (VR) apps

Now what VR means? It simply means Virtual reality as it is an amalgamation of the virtual world with current reality. It is a computer-generated environment that is created with the help of hardware such as headsets and in-built screens. Here user’s motion is captured and replicated in the virtual world which gives goose bumps experience.


Because of its unique nature, it is widely used in gaming, education, training, and entertainment. VR is helping in creating training sessions with more real-world experience bypassing real-world dangers. It helps medical interns to learn about how to conduct surgeries or helps pilots to learn about danger without being in danger in flight simulations.

Internet of Things (IoT) apps

When devices and machines are connected to the internet with the help of a network and can communicate with each other it is called as Internet of things(IoT). Here devices can include from household appliances to industrial machines to vehicles.


How it is benefiting us? IoT is to enable devices or objects to collect data and exchange it with each other and with humans, creating a new kind of automation opportunity. Real-world application has already been in place for example EV manufacturer Tesla has already introduced a system to warm up your vehicle in winter in advance. So it has increased efficiency, improved safety, and lowered cost. But like everything it also has some drawbacks such threat of data breach and privacy, developing and scaling the necessary infrastructure

Blockchain apps

Apps built on blockchain technology are called blockchain apps. It is technology in which digital ledger is distributed across many computers which makes it decentralized in nature which makes it very much suitable for financial operation and in areas that require an extra level of security such as record keeping of transactions and data.


It is widely being used in fields like cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin uses this tech, In supply chain management it is used to track the movement of goods and services, similarly, it is being used in healthcare, and voting systems.