MEEFIC has launched a 1-month internship program for those who are willing to make a career as REACT JS developers. In this internship, you will learn the basics of REACT and implement your learning in live projects. The cost of enrollment in this internship will be ₹ 3000 (The amount the intern needs to pay). Live classes and live projects will be provided to you so you can implement your learnings and hone your skill.

Why choose REACT JS Developer career?

It is one of the advanced JS frameworks which is prominently being used in creating frontend designs of web applications. It offers flexibility, and faster rendering and builds a rich user interface. Another advantage it provides is a steep learning curve. It is one of the highest-paying skills in the web design and development industry. So if you have decided to make a career as a REACT JS developer you surely have made the right choice.

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What you are going to learn through this Internship?

To work with REACT framework it is necessary to have basics understanding JSX, components, state, and props.

In this internship program you will be working with popular React libraries and tools like Redux, React Router, and Webpack.

In this internship you will be working with live projects hence yo will get opportunity to build reusable and dynamic components, such as forms, buttons, and modals.

In this program, you will come to know how to integrate React applications with APIs and make API calls using Axios or Fetch.

Testing and debugging are an integral part You’ll gain in hand experience with React testing frameworks such as Jest and Enzyme, and debugging tools like React Developer Tools.

You will learn the industry’s best practices for React development, such as code organization, performance optimization, and accessibility.

Salient Features of Internship –

  • Live classes.
  • Mentorship and Feedback.
  • Live Projects.
  • Assignments.
  • Certification.
  • Unpaid.

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